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Gene Gest genetic genealogyI first started blogging about genetic genealogy over two years ago (in Polish). I am really happy that as the result many readers of my first blog felt encouraged to begin their own adventure with genetic genealogy – a branch of genealogy which has become popular in Poland only very recently. I have since spoken at various conferences and workshops helping fellow family history enthusiasts put their chromosomes to use. I continued to receive more and more questions from international readers of my blog asking for advice or English version of some of my articles. Knowing that Google Translate and artificial intelligence still need some more time before they can accurately deal with the many traps and challenges of the Polish grammar I have been persuaded to launch a new website for the linguistic descendants of Anglo-Saxons.

My passion for genetic genealogy has led me to study genetics more formally. Earlier this year I finished my MSc in Human Complex Trait Genetics at the University of Edinburgh where I am now continuing my education as a PhD candidate in genetic epidemiology in the Wilson Group (Usher Institute).

I hope that through this blog I will be able to share my passion for genetics and genealogy with the genetic genealogy community and explain complex issues in a way that is understandable to all genealogists regardless of their background. Our DNA hides numerous untold (or once told and long forgotten) stories of our ancestors: in conjunction with traditional genealogy, it is a most satisfying way of exploring one’s ancestry. Through “Gene Gest” I will attempt to present the intricate beauty of human genetics as well as practical strategies for using our family DNA to unlock genealogical secrets.